These Terms & Conditions are here to protect the rights of the Caravan Owner,

Agent and all the Guests. Please read them very carefully,
as you are entering into a legally binding agreement.

Before your Holiday

ARRANGE TRAVEL INSURANCE – It is highly recommended that you arrange Travel Insurance to cover all guests. This will help protect you if you need to cancel your holiday as the owner may not refund you if they are not responsible for the cancellation and are unable to re-sell it themselves.


YOU MUST NOT TRY TO SELL YOUR HOLIDAY TO SOMEONE ELSE – Only those named on the booking form will be allowed in the caravan. This means that if you have to cancel you cannot sell the holiday to someone else. They may sue you when they are now allowed into the caravan.


IF YOU HAVE TO CANCEL YOUR HOLIDAY BOOKING – If you cannot pay the deposit or balance of the holiday, or you are unable to honour the booking for any reason whatsoever, then please contact the owner immediately. This will give us more chance to re-sell the dates and will save us having to keep chasing you. They may even be able to offer payment by instalments if you require help spreading the cost. You may need to claim on your insurance in order to obtain a refund of any monies paid.

Arriving at the Caravan:


DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE THE STATED ARRIVAL TIME – CHECK IN TIME :- 3.00pm. You will either be denied access, fined or evicted. The arrival time is there to allow for cleaning and to ensure everything is ready for your stay. CHECK OUT TIME : 10.00am.


CHECK THE CARAVAN WHEN YOU ARRIVE – If you find anything wrong please contact the owner immediately. This will protect you if things are found after you leave that you knew about. Photos are taken by the cleaner before your arrival of all areas including Hot tub.
If anything is damaged during your stay please contact the owner immediately so that they can arrange repair before the next guests.


Owner Contact Number: 07748021417


During your Holiday

KEEP THE CARAVAN CLEAN & SECURE – You have a responsibility to leave the caravan as you first find it. Prior to your stay the caravan should have been thoroughly cleaned. Always ensure that doors and windows are locked when you are not in the caravan.


USE OF GAS & ELECTRICITY – These are provided FREE FOR FAIR USE ONLY. In the event of excessive use of either Gas and/or Electricity you will face additional charges.If you are not sure if you may be likely to use a lot of Electricity or need new gas bottles then contact the owner immediately. Take care when the weather is cold, not to keep heating on when unattended or when rooms have reached a comfortable temperature.


DO NOT WEAR STILETTO HEELS – on any areas of soft lino as this will damage it and you will be charged for the replacement costs

CANDLES or tea light ones are not allowed inside or outside the caravan. These are a fire risk. We have battery operated ones in the caravan.


BARBECUES - We don't mind you bringing your barbecue as they are allowed on site, but we do NOT allow disposable ones as there is nowhere to put them and they burn the grass. It has to be off the ground on legs and placed away from the Caravan and Decking. Please do not remove our glass patio table from the decking to use. There is plenty of room on the grass to put one. Please do not do barbecue near the Caravan Gas bottles. Do NOT use the Caravan Gas bottles they are connected to the Caravan and not for the use of a barbecue and can the area be cleaned up please when you have finished cooking as neighbours will complain.


FURNITURE/BEDS - Adults please have responsibility for your children and pets. No pets to go on Sofas or Beds. Dog beds are provided. Our beds have slats so please do not allow children to jump on the beds as the slats will snap and the fold out bed has delicate springs so this applies to the rules as well. 


● LOOM BANDS and similar mass packaged small items

● PLASTICINE and other clay type products

● BB GUNS and other weapon type items that could cause damage or injury


● FELT TIP PENS & PAINTS - these MUST NOT be used unless there is adult supervision to ensure that there is no damage to the caravan


● You have extra guests, or pets, staying that have not been pre-registered

● You cause any nuisance to others, such as loud music or shouting Times to be considerate are between 11pm-8am

● You feed birds anywhere on the caravan site unless stated with signs

● Anyone is found to be smoking in the caravan

● You park in areas other than those approved by the caravan site

● You breach any of the rules of the caravan site

● OR breach any of the other conditions listed below


● If you have a problem with anything in the caravan.

● If anything is Broken or Damaged during your stay, as the owner may be able to arrange repair or replacement during your stay. You may be charged for repairs or replacement.

● Site issues must be dealt with by the Site Office Staff, not the caravan owner. This may include resetting the Electric, for which you may be charged.


The End of your Holiday

LEAVE THE CARAVAN CLEAN & SECURE – Prior to leaving the caravan please ensure that all kitchen equipment is clean and back in place, that all kitchen surfaces and caravan tables have been wiped clean, bins have been emptied as instructed, and left clear of mess.
The Caravan should be left in the state you found it so that the cleaners don’t have to spend extra time and delay the next guests. We kindly ask you if you could strip the bedding of the beds you have used, this makes it so easier on the changeovers.

Failure to keep the caravan clean and tidy will result in the loss of your deposit.
Do not steal any property from the caravan or you will be charged and may face prosecution.
All windows must be closed fully and the door locked, when you leave the caravan. Failure to do this risks the security of the caravan and the deposit may be withheld. All lights to be switched off including outside light.
The owners/cleaners will take photographs of any mess or damage they find. Please respect their property.

DO NOT LEAVE LATER THAN THE STATED DEPARTURE TIME – You will be fined if you leave late as access is required by cleaners and the next guests may suffer delays in starting their holiday, for which they will expect compensation.

LEAVING THE CARAVAN BEFORE THE DEPARTURE DATE – If you leave the caravan before the departure date you will not be compensated unless this is due, in whole or in part, to the caravan owner being unable to provide the advertised holiday.


Damage to the caravan or its contents, or the requirement of additional cleaning due excess mess WILL result in loss of full or partial deposit and may result in small claims court action to recover additional charges and replacement costs.



The Hot Tub will be prepared especially for you and your party on your arrival. The Hot Tub may not be at optimal temperature, due to draining, cleaning, sanitisation and the re-balancing that has been carried out prior to your arrival. But it will be at the right temperature not long after. Away Resorts recently put a instruction to all Hot tub companies on site that do private cleaning/preparation for Owners that they have to not use the water on the site between certain times on a changeover days Monday and Friday being the most popular check-in days. This now means tht the Hot tub is being delayed back in timescale so the Hot Tub company do their best to get the Hot tub done in time for your arrival.

To ensure it remains clean and sparkling there are certain requirements that you and your party must address. 

1. Everyone must observe the Hot Tub rules near the Hot Tub. 


2. You MUST shower before use, to remove all fake tan, make up and body lotions otherwise the water will look like a pond very quickly! 


3. MAXIMUM bathing time is 15 minutes otherwise your skin/health will suffer if you stay in any longer. 


4. Please respect the Hot Tub, no drinking/smoking or fooling around whilst in the Hot Tub. 


5. At the end of your session in the Hot Tub please refill to the required level to ensure it continues to filter and heat properly 


6. Allow access daily for cleaning/water testing and maintenance from Hot Tub company. 


7. Hot Tubs are not required for children. Hot Tubs are not a form of a paddling pool so I recommend that they do not use them but as their parent/guardian the decision is yours but adults are responsible for their children to respect the Hot Tub if allowed in it with them


8. The Control Panel on the Hot Tub controls the temperature, which is satisfactory at 38° but if temperature needs changing clear markings – or + can be pressed sensibly. The Jet button is there to turn them on or off and the lights button is on and off. No Children should be pressing anything as they should be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. 


9. Taking care when lifting the Hot Tub lid is important as they are very expensive, so any damages to the lid will be charged to yourself. No sitting on it and definitely no children allowed to jump on it when it is covered over. Please can you sign and date these requirements and return to me by email. If the Hot Tub becomes unusable during your holiday break due to negligence, a charge of £100 will be levied against your security deposit. This will cover a call out charge, cost of emptying, cleaning, refilling with water, chemicals and reheating it. Any other major problem with the Hot Tub will be a extra charge to yourselves and I will be informing you with this. The Hot Tub Company we use, On every changeover they check everything and make sure the Hot Tub is working fully for you before your arrival. If there is a problem they would inform me before your arrival for us to solve the issue before you arrive. 


10. The elderly, pregnant women and those with heart conditions, high or low blood pressure or any other serious condition must NOT use the Hot Tub if they have not consulted a doctor before hand. Children only to be in there with a supervised adult please.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.